Chianti Classico DOCG BIO

Chianti Classico DOCG BIO


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Dievole Chianti Classico DOCG is the winery’s flagship wine to which the role of primary ambassador falls. As of the 2017 vintage, it is certified organic

Intense ruby red


Very floral, with hints of violets and enriched with notes of ripe red fruits


Minerality is well integrated and harmonized with ripe tannin. Red fruit aromas, such as cherry, are reflected in the palate. Full-bodied wine with a pleasant, lingering finish. Of excellent drinkability

Aging: 13 months in French oak barrels

Dievole is a corner of Tuscany that has always been known to be a little paradise on earth. Here the dialogue between nature and man was never interrupted, and the reason is explained by the name itself: the root of the name Dievole, in fact, can be traced back to the meaning of “God wills.”

The name Dievole first appeared officially in the 11th century, specifically on May 10, 1090. In those years Icelandic Leif Erikson discovered North America, the Chinese discovered gunpowder, Bologna opened the world’s first university, Rome was invaded by the Normans, and Pope Urban II conquered Jerusalem. On that day, we read in the notary Bellundo’s contract, two capons, three loaves and six ‘Lucchese denari’ of good silver were paid for the annual rent of a vineyard in the divine valley, in Dievole, precisely.

Eight centuries and countless generations later, another contract tells of Dievole. This time it is a wedding gift. Count Giulio Terrosi-Vagnoli gives the estate, which cost a whopping 361,632 Lire, to his future bride Ildegonda Camaiori, who will be the last noblewoman of Dievole. To her we owe a valuable document that has come down to us intact: the Dievole Sale Notebook, containing all the names of the farming families of the time and that of the farm entrusted to them. Names behind which one can read the passion of Chianti people for their land. Many descendants of those families are still here.


















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