Brockmans Premium Gin Intensely Smooth

Brockmans Premium Gin Intensely Smooth


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Brockmans is described as a unique gin: “Like No Other .”
It is indeed not easy to find a gin that is as smooth and has sweet berry notes balanced with the more traditional juniper and root notes combined with fresh citrus notes.

Brockmans Premium Gin is made by a process of steam infusing botanicals into grain alcohol that lasts many hours so that the oils and aromas are extracted as much as possible. Then the liquid is distilled using a traditional copper still that is more than 100 years old, and only the heart of the liquid is preserved.
Brockmans Premium Gin was created by a group of friends united by the eternal fascination with exotic spirits. They pooled their knowledge about the history of gin, the small differences between different styles of gin, and distillation with the intention of creating something different, something new, “Like No Other.” The research and selection of botanicals took a long time and more than a hundred trials were done before arriving at the current recipe, resulting in an extremely smooth and intense gin.





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