Puligny-Montrachet ac 1er Cru La Garenne Louis Latour

Puligny-Montrachet ac 1er Cru La Garenne Louis Latour

Louis Latour

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A rich, opulent wine with a concentrated terroir flavor. The typical aroma of “La Garenne” wines is buttery with a spicy exotic fruit character and a fresh, balanced acidity.

Average 35-year-old Chardonnay vines are fermented in oak barrels. The wine then undergoes malolactic fermentation and ages 8 to 10 months in oak barrels, 50% of which are new wood.

With more than fifty hectares distributed among the best Premier and Grand Cru of Burgundy, from the Côte de Beaune to the Côte de Nuits, Domaine Louis Latour should be considered as one of the most important wineries in the entire region. A winery whose roots go deep into the past-the Latour family has in fact been active in the area’s wine trade for more than two hundred years-and which today is able like perhaps no other to combine high quality with large numbers. Each label is, in fact, characterized by an unmistakable style, an elegance that sketches both the best pinot noirs and elegant chardonnays, in a succession of wines that are unique in every way.
In addition to the finesse that distinguishes the production of Burgundy, one of the great merits of the Latours is that they have brought lesser-known appellations, such as Ardèche and Coteaux de Verdon, areas outside the most emblazoned French AOCs, to high levels, but at the same time nonetheless capable of producing wines of extraordinary interest.
Today, belonging to the eleventh generation of the family, it is Louis-Fabrice Latour who holds the reins of the business, driven by the enthusiasm, passion and love for their vineyards and their work that have characterized the enterprise since its inception. A magnificent reality, preserving and guarding its savoir-faire and know-how in an extremely jealous manner, going so far as to produce some of the finest wines in France.
In the vineyards, plants are raised strictly and carefully, fully respecting the environment and ecosystem. In the winery, the grapes are processed, trying to bring out as much as possible what nature has created: after alcoholic fermentation, the reds spend at least twelve months resting in oak barrels, while the whites are processed in steel or in barriques, depending on the type to be obtained. Labels, in essence, those with the name “Louis Latour” superimposed on them, of absolute quality, now for years an undisputed symbol of what is the best Burgundy when it comes to wine.















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