Classic Rosé

Classic Rosé

Maison Mirabeau

20.50 CHF

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Bright light peachy pink color. A very classic Côte de Provence with aromas of red peach, strawberries and a hint of pear.

The palate is very concentrated and yet fresh, with a fine balance of raspberries, cherries and harmonious acidity.

Enjoy the Classic with an aperitif on the summer terrace, as an accompaniment to spicy and aromatic dishes, or simply at any beautiful moment.

Maison Mirabeau harvests grapes early in the morning. Harvesting during the cool hours of the night allows maximum freshness to be extracted from the grapes. They are then immediately and softly crushed with exclusion of oxygen, some are also cold crushed and fermented at controlled temperature.

Mirabeau’s story is one of following a dream and the pursuit of a deep passion for wine. Founded in 2010, Mirabeau has garnered some of the wine industry’s most prestigious awards, and Stephen and Jeany Cronk are delighted that people enjoy their wines around the world.

After years of dreams and intrigue, Jeany and Stephen have decided to leave behind the leafy suburbs of South London in exchange for the blue skies and sunshine of Provence. With three small children in tow, they held hands and launched into the unknown. Armed with great ambitions to produce a world-class rosé wine and willing to challenge established wisdom, they founded Mirabeau. They embarked on the latest family adventure and created one of the world’s most beloved rosé brands.
















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