Buccicatino Organic Wines

A challenge since 1993

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Buccicatino Vini Bio is a winery that began its adventure in 1993, led by Umberto, a man determined to achieve excellence in the production of high-quality wines. Despite initial misgivings, Umberto has succeeded in winning customers’ palates through his dedication and the support of his family.

The company has invested in vineyard care and winery modernization, equipping itself with state-of-the-art winemaking equipment. The manor house has been adapted to create a welcoming space for tasting and hosting guests, including a charming cooperage in its basement.

The vineyards of Buccicatino Organic Wines are located in a hilly area with excellent sun exposure. The clay and pebbly soils, together with low yields per hectare, help emphasize the organoleptic characteristics of the wines produced. Grapes are harvested by hand, following long-standing traditions to preserve the quality of the product. The winery also uses state-of-the-art machinery to highlight the nobility and typicality of Abruzzo wines, which today are increasingly appreciated by both industry experts and consumers.

Buccicatino Organic Wines constantly strives to improve the quality of its products. Currently, the company is renovating and replanting the vineyards with a higher density of vines per hectare. To ensure the highest level of professionalism, the winery employs the advice of agronomist and oenologist Romeo Taraborrelli, one of the most renowned nationwide.

The annual production of Buccicatino Organic Wines is about 200,000 bottles, with growing demand from foreign markets as well, such as Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England, France and the United States.

Be won over by the passion and authenticity of Buccicatino Organic Wines’ wines. Choose the quality and unique wine experience of this winery.