Cà dei Frati

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The high wine vocation

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Cà dei Frati is a producer with a long tradition in the wine world. Founded in 1939, this winery has become known for its dedication to quality and authenticity. Located on the shores of Lake Garda, Cà dei Frati benefits from a unique territory and an ideal climate for growing grapes.

Cà dei Frati wines are the result of careful grape selection and a meticulous winemaking process. Each bottle represents the passion and care that the Frati family puts into producing wines of excellence. From fresh and aromatic white wines, to structured and elegant red wines, to light and fruity rosé wines, Cà dei Frati offers a variety of flavors to satisfy all palates.

Buying Cà dei Frati wines on will allow you to discover the authenticity and quality of these products. Each sip will transport you on an enological journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Garda and make you appreciate the work done by the Frati family.

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