Zinfandel PDO Primitivo di Manduria

Zinfandel PDO Primitivo di Manduria


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Aging: 6 months in barrique

Felline Primitivo di Manduria Sinfarosa Zinfandel is a still red wine that comes from the cellars of Felline whose heart lies in Puglia, in the province of Taranto, and around which curious stories of even international encounters are told. It all goes back to the year 1967, when an American professor from California went to Bari, where he noticed that the wine he ordered for dinner, a Primitivo, tasted extremely similar to a California wine he was used to, Zinfandel. From that point on, the two grape varieties began to be analyzed and it was discovered that the DNA of Primitivo is shared with the Zinfandel grape variety. The area in which Felline, a historic Apulian company and important within the “Accademia dei Racemi” project, works is renowned for viticulture,also because due to several awards from many Taranto farms there has been considerable investment in the area to make the most of it and to improve the quality of the wines.

The evolution of this Primitivo di Manduria Sinfarosa Zinfandel wine from vine (100% Primitivo) to bottle finds its origins in a particular soil called terra nera, a very deep alluvial soil, characterized by the erosion of rocks and deposits of organic material that has degraded over time (specifically ancient forests). After fermentation, the wine, with the designation “Primitivo di Manduria PDO,” is transferred to French and American oak barrels for 6 months, and then completes aging in the bottle. Felline Primitivo di Manduria Sinfarosa Zinfandel, to sum up, is a wine with an international yet traditional Apulian flavor.
Compact ruby red.
Focused on sensations of ripe red fruit, plum and black cherry, balsamic and vegetal notes in a spicy and mineral finish.
Full, warm palate with good amount of savoriness and well-integrated tannins. Long, fruity persistence.

Felline is a historic Apulian winery, protagonist of the success of a great wine such as Primitivo di Manduria DOC and a milestone within the project called “Accademia dei Racemi,” which gave impetus to the revival of many native grape varieties in the region.The winery’s name comes from a vast archaeological area of Manduria, a short distance from its renowned beaches, in which there are the remains of a very ancient city, Felline to be exact. Since the late 1990s Felline, in collaboration with other young and ambitious producers, has contributed to the enhancement of the area’s symbolic grape variety, primitivo. A project stimulated by a deep love for the territory and its traditions, which today places Felline among the most important wineries in the area, thanks to a complete range of wines including sparkling wines, whites, rosés and of course the reds typical of one of the most vocated areas of the Puglia region.



















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