Villa Massa Limoncello of Sorrento

Villa Massa Limoncello of Sorrento


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With the aroma of the famous lemons of Sorrento: Limoncello Villa Massa is not only suitable for Italian-style drinks, but also for desserts with a sweet lemon aroma.

The Villa Massa family business has become famous for its limoncello, which is already exported to 40 countries, but now also produces amaretto and vermouth. Brothers Sergio and Stefano Massa founded the “Villa Massa” brand in 1991 when they made an old family recipe for limoncello ready for marketing. The first homemade limoncello made by the Massa family dates back to 1890; its preparation has been a well-preserved tradition ever since. Limoncello gets its flavor from the peel of the Sorrento lemon. It is an oval-shaped, intensely fragrant fruit with a thick skin rich in essential oils. From the combination of water, sugar and alcohol comes Limoncello Villa Massa, which is best poured into a chilled glass. In combination with tonic water or Prosecco, refreshing aperitif drinks can also be created. To make one liter of limoncello, 250 grams of lemon peel is used! Lemons grown in traditional gardens within the city limits of Sorrento have a protected designation of origin.










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