Triple Three Gin Distiller’s Cut

Triple Three Gin Distiller’s Cut

Triple Three

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Limited edition

This vintage gin is striking for its unprecedented complexity of aromas. In the interaction with air and temperature, aromatic notes are gradually revealed, creating a firework of aromas finely orchestrated in the overall picture. This first edition of the Distiller’s Cut series with a limited edition of only 800 bottles was distilled in 2015 and aged to perfection for three years. The spirit of this fine brandy comes from a botanical expedition along the South African coast. With indigenous rarities growing there, our masterpiece was distilled at the distillery in the middle of the Cape Winelands.

The aroma moves from soft citrus, green figs, and hints of Granny Smith apple to hints of raspberries and fresh strawberries, ending with rooibos and white nougat.
On the palate, fascinating aromas of tangerines, intense herbs, mint, basil, long pepper, a hint of tobacco, rose petal honey, and cocoa beans.
The finish is crowned by a long spicy-smoky aftertaste. Enjoy gin in a glass of ice-cold whiskey and take us on an exciting taste journey.

To be enjoyed neat in a well-chilled whiskey glass, accompanied perhaps by a fine cigar.

Journey into flavors
The trip begins in Garies, the capital of the spring-flowering Namaqua country located in northwest South Africa. Native herbs and rare roots are native here.

Further south, in the forested foothills of the Ceder Mountains, are Citrusdal and Clanwilliam, rich in citrus fruits, rooibos and buchu.

The next stop on the journey of discovery is the distillery district: the southern coast between Cape Town with its Cape Winelands to the southernmost point in Africa, Cape Algulhas. Fynbos and vines thrive here, and summer days are especially long.

The journey finds its golden conclusion inland on the East Coast. Exotic fruits can be found in the area around the famous Kruger Park, as well as the majestic baobab tree with its aromatic leaves and fruits.

Hand-picked, all ingredients were distilled by master distiller Rolf Zeitvogel in the Baden-style copper still in the middle of the Cape Winelands. The Distiller’s Cut is the “heart of the heart” of the brand. The first South African gin that rivals a Scotch whisky or an aged cognac in terms of smoothness and complexity.

Dry, complex, aromatic gin develops once poured, and the flavor continues to change as the gin interacts with the air. Join us on this exciting journey!

About the distiller: Rolf Zeitvogel is a third-generation distiller who grew up in the Black Forest in Germany and has now lived in South Africa for more than 20 years. He believes in creating authentic, quality products and is passionate about ingredients and regularly seeks out new botanicals. His liqueurs regularly win awards in international competitions, and his fruit brandies are used as a benchmark in Germany. Triple Three Distillery continues to build an international community that values special moments with extraordinary products and a love of discovering new flavors.








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