Set Flûtes Luce Charme 6 glasses

Set Flûtes Luce Charme 6 glasses


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Sparkling wine glass marked Charme – Delea 6-pack

Tulip-shaped glass ideal highlighting especially the bouquet of sparkling wines such as bubbles Charme Spumante Brut Svizzera IGT or Charme Rosé Spumante Brut Svizzera IGT, but not only. Transparency is important in order to be able to assess clarity, color, texture and perlage (the grain of the bubbles, their number and persistence) while the tulip shape allows the scent of the bubbles to be released gradually.`

Its elegant design enriches your table and gives a touch of finesse to your aperitif.

  • Washing: Dishwasher safe
  • Model: Flûte Luce
  • Manufacturer: Rastal

A history steeped in fine wines, love of tradition and careful innovation. A story that began thanks to Angelo Delea and is carried on today, always with the same passion and dedication, by his sons David and Cesare.

It all begins in Losone, in the heart of Ticino, in 1983, and it is Ticino with its mild microclimate and rich soil that, by offering its best fruits, allows us to create superior wine.

Over the years, Delea Wines & Distillates has been able to evolve while maintaining very high levels of quality, as evidenced by numerous awards and recognitions. In fact, today it stands as an innovative and spectacular company that can boast a Team of more than 40 people.





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