Ratafia Walnut Liqueur Ticinese

Ratafia Walnut Liqueur Ticinese


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he Ratafià is a typical Ticino walnut liqueur prepared based on the recipe of the friars of Bigorio, a Capuchin Convent above Tesserete in the Capriasca Valley.
This is a maceration of Walnut husks harvested on St. John’s Day. Malli should be cut and steeped in schnapps with the addition of spices and sugar.

Each recipe obviously remains secret. After a maceration of about 40 days, the liquor is stored in oak barrels for several years. After filtration it can be bottled and sold.
It is a sweet and spicy liquor with hints of cloves, other noble spices coffee and vanilla. The liquor of good companies.










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