Organika LIFE Premium Vodka BIO + box set

Organika LIFE Premium Vodka BIO + box set


96.50 CHF

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With each bottle purchased, a portion of the proceeds is donated to WWF for the preservation of the Siberian Tiger

  • Lake Baikal Water
  • 100% wheat BIO spirit
  • Sagan-Daila means “giver of life.”

Sagan-Daila grows only in the wilderness of Lake Baikal. The Buriati, who adore their cultural legends and traditions, say that a single bush leaf is enough to feel fresh and be cheerful during the day.

Sagan-Daila means “giver of life” and is a well-known tonic. According to ancient legends, after battles, warriors to bring their energy back to Earth would stick their spears into the hillside of the Saiyan Mountains. After a while a plant grew in these places that could fill a man with health and power. Locals still use this herb today while hunting or hiking.

Sagan-Daila stimulates brain, kidney and heart activity, relieves fatigue and hangovers. Therefore, it is a known aphrodisiac.









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