Le Creete DOC Lugana Superiore

Le Creete DOC Lugana Superiore


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“Le Creete” Lugana is a white wine with enveloping aromas that impresses the palate with refinement, yet without sacrificing character and personality. A rich label, with an enterprising sip, always very satisfying, in which the Trebbiano di Lugana is the protagonist.

A grape particularly dear to the Ottella winery, a production reality always careful to give life to balanced labels, where nothing is out of place. Just like this “Le Creete,” a wine that goes well with first and second courses where fish is the protagonist.

“Le Creete” is a Lugana with a bold and vivid color, reminiscent of a straw-yellow hue. The aromas that develop on the nose are mainly fruity, and are enriched on the finish, with mineral nuances. On the palate it is light-bodied, harmonious, drinkable and flowing, with a sip characterized by a fresh, savory taste that is very encouraging. A label that embodies the spirit and motto that guides the Ottella winery at every stage of the production chain, which takes on the words of the writer and poet Goethe that “the best things are achieved only with the greatest passion.”

“The only Veronese producer of Lugana”: this is how the Ottella winery, now one of the most renowned wine-making realities in the southern area of Lake Garda, was defined at the end of the 19th century. We are exactly in Peschiera del Garda, in the province of Verona, precisely in the locality of Ottella: it is here that Lodovico Montresor, together with his sons Francesco and Michele, carried out a bet that over time has been fully won. Focusing on the trebbiano di Lugana grape variety, locally called “turbiana,” the challenge that father and sons took on was to produce conceptually modern wines while fully respecting the distinctive characteristics of the terroir and varietal. In the vineyard, on soils of clear glacial origin, consisting of layers of predominantly clay and limestone sediments, the vines are raised with maniacal care, taking advantage of a constantly ventilated microclimate that is useful for harvesting fine, forthright and healthy grapes. In the forty hectares of vineyards owned by the winery, the lion’s share is obviously taken by lugana, but it is also flanked by other grape varieties such as chardonnay, manzoni crossbreed, sauvignon blanc and garganega, and then again corvina, corvinone, rondinella and molinara, the latter used for the production of classic Valpolicella wines. In the winery, we find the same philosophy adopted between the rows, whereby the goal pursued is to process the grapes by exalting and enhancing all that nature has created. Ethical value and aesthetic value, for a recipe with few ingredients, where simple becomes synonymous with quality. So we start with Lugana, and then move on to Lugana “Le Creete” and Riserva “Molceo,” and again to “Vigne Nuove” and “Gemei,” until we get to Ripasso della Valpolicella, Amarone della Valpolicella and distillates: labels, those that refer to the name “Ottella,” that are elegant and pleasant, mineral and refined, intriguing and never predictable, the result of the deepest love for their vineyards and their work.
















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