KI NO TOU Kyoto Old Tom Gin + box set

KI NO TOU Kyoto Old Tom Gin + box set


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The first Old Tom Gin from Japan, created especially for the Tokyo Bar Show. Eleven botanicals are used: juniper berries, iris, hinoki, yuzu, lemons, Gyokuro green tea, ginger, for the fruity and floral components red shiso and bamboo leaves as well as sansho pepper and kinome. Especially the black sugar used from Yonaguni Island, which, because of its higher mineral content, brings complexity as well as sweetness.

The distillery is Japan’s first gin distillery in Minami-Ku, south of Kyoto. Their gin is also unique: Kinobi means beauty of the seasons and is inspired by Japanese tradition. Botanicals include yellow yuzu, hinoki wood, bamboo, goyokuro tea and green sansho berries.






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