Hello. Ticino Blonde Ale

Hello. Ticino Blonde Ale

Valle Maggia Brewery

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A beer with a golden appearance and refreshing taste.

Hello.Ticino stands on its own, a craft beer all to enjoy.
Very balanced and pleasant, made from fresh Ciao.Ticino spring water shines like the valley in which it originates, the beautiful Maggia Valley.

Grain and hop flavors remain light on the palate.

Ciao.Ticino craft beer was born out of a passion of mine, the enthusiasm and expertise of master brewer Ruben Berta, the support of a large group of enthusiasts and supporters, and the pure waters of the Vallemaggia springs, the realm of unspoiled landscapes and endless gifts of nature. Today, Vallemaggia, with this its quality craft product, says “Hello!” to all admirers of a good beer.

Born and raised Ticinese, Ruben Berta trained as a master brewer at KPU* in suburban Vancouver, Canada. From an early age he has loved to cook.
It is the challenge of creating a beverage from raw materials that leads him to brew beer. Juxtaposing love of his land, science, artistic expression, and culinary expertise, Ruben creates his own version of this historic drink. Passion, heart, willpower and dedication define the quality of his product.

* In 2019 elected as the best master brewing school in North America.











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