Gjulia - NORTH Blonde 0.75 lt.

Gjulia - NORTH Blonde 0.75 lt.


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Beer produced with artisanal method, high fermentation, not filtered or pasteurized.

The light sediment present is the result of the natural and traditional refermentation process in the bottle.

With a light body and aroma with warm tones.

Ingredients: Monte Mia water, barley malt of own production, hops, yeast.

The strength of Gjulia Craft Beer is what only a family story can tell.
It was born from an intuition of the brothers Marco and Massimo Zorzettig, inspired by the sharecropping cared for by grandfather Pietro and the winegrowing spirit of his father Livio.
A vocation rooted in the land, capable of weaving relationships and creating culture.
It means looking to the horizon while paying attention to detail.
It means guiding the route between tradition and the future, relying on a compass rose where the cardinal points are the values that have always guided us: quality, precision, commitment, respect.

Cereals of our production, manual work and entrepreneurial ability, strong of a know-how transmitted for generations: the Gjulia Agricultural Brewery, in San Pietro al Natisone, is a confirmation of frankness and a return to the land that already tastes of barley malt and of wheat 6 of own production, hops, yeast. the future.

It is here that craftsmanship meets the sensitivity of contemporary palates.

After having known the sacrifices and gratifications that Nature imposes, she shares in a sustainability that looks the world of today straight in the eye.

And when human energy seeks support, it still thinks of Nature, making use of renewable sources.










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