Franciacorta DOCG Rosi delle Margherite

Franciacorta DOCG Rosi delle Margherite


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From only Pinot Noir grapes, grown at the apex of the hill in Gussago called La Cudola – at an altitude of 300 meters – comes our Rosé, a classic method dedicated to our maternal grandmother Rosi, who was born in the area of the town called “LE MARGHERIDE” Hence her nickname became “Rosi de le Margheride”

Thanks to favorable exposure, the grapes are harvested in the first half of August and then vinified; at this stage the must, left in contact with its skins for about ten hours, acquires its characteristic pink color, with coppery hues.

Being a pure pinot noir , it reflects all the characteristics of this noble grape variety:

A structured wine with a strong taste, full and appealing with a touch of vinousness , and a lot of elegance

It has an intense and seductive fragrance of rose, small red fruits and strawberry combined with hints of bread crust released by maturing on its own yeasts for at least 24 to 30 months

Love for the land, the vine and its products has accompanied the Bontempi family for generations. It is undoubtedly Luigi Bontempi, a paternal grandfather since childhood nicknamed ” Balenc “, who inspired the birth of this new winemaking reality, passing on the care and passion for the vineyard to his son Emiliano who, strengthened by the support of his wife Maria – owner of the winery – and the young enthusiasm of his daughters Erika and Elisabetta – production manager – has completed the realization of an ambitious project that, however, continues to smell of home.



















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