Audace 32 Brewers Street

Audace 32 Brewers Street

32 Via dei Birrai

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Love at first sight!

Strong blond beer (double malt) spiced with orange peel. Dry and citrusy. Bottle-fermented top-fermented beer


The anterior half of the tongue opens to an astringent citric sensation, while the second half of the palate becomes free of any bitter sensation. Very smooth beer with typical Belgian “watery.”


White, compact and persistent foam; straw-yellow color, free of suspended solids sometimes naturally clouded by yeast; fine carbonation.


Citrus notes, warm yellow flowers (dandelion, chamomile), almond and peach in syrup.


Foods without fatty but hearty sauces, smoked or salty foods such as extravecchio montasio and oysters, as low-hop beer.


Classic red wine goblet, Bordeaux type.

Why 32 Brewers’ Way?

32 is the number corresponding to the beer’s class, according to the Nice International Classification, which indicates and categorizes goods and services.

Rue des Brasseurs because in Brussels there is a Rue des Brasseurs, the street of brewers.

But there is also an abstract meaning: the way understood as a path, and the circle in the logo echoes the concept of eternal movement toward becoming, a continuous and perpetual motion.

Loreno Michielin, a business expert, Alessandro Zilli, an engineer with a passion for homebrewing, and Fabiano Toffoli, a master brewer, combined their skills and passion to create a craft microbrewery that would speak a different language in the beer scene.

Fabiano Toffoli lived in his mother’s country of Belgium until the age of sixteen, then moved to Italy to complete his studies in agronomy. After various experiences in the brewing industry, in 2006 at the age of 32, together with Loreno and Alessandro he founded 32 Via dei birrai. He is responsible for all activities related to production and quality control.

Alessandro Zilli (aka Bano), a passionate homebrewer, but an engineer by training, is involved in 32 research and development. Thanks to him, production facilities are constantly upgraded to improve beer quality and optimize efficiency, reducing waste and resource consumption.

In charge of the commercial aspects is Loreno Michielin, with a long experience in the restaurant industry behind him, now assisted by Mauro Gajo for the Italian market.








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